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This section will help you improve your reading comprehension skills with texts in Spanish language. Most of the Spanish books that I will recommend in this page are difficult for beginners, especially those written in old Spanish like Don Quixote. You can try to read them later, once you've been learning Spanish for some time, or after a Spanish beginners course. Meanwhile, there are thousands of other less ambitious books that will really help you to learn Spanish.

--> Spanish books for beginners (A1-A2)

I would definetely recommend children's tales for beginners,  as the classic ones from the Grimm Brothers or Christian Andersen. If you've already read them in your native language, it will be even easier to understand them in Spanish. Have a look at: Cuentos infantiles clásicos

--> Spanish books for Intermediate (B1-B2)

At this level, you're ready to read some more complex book and short stories. Again, the best  idea is to try and read Spanish books you've already read in your native language. Have a look at these two pages with the best books and short stories of the universal literature, from Agatha Christie, or Kafka to Julio Verne:  PROYECT GUTENBERG and RELATOS BREVES. 

--> Spanish books for fluent speakers (C1-C2)

We are  sure at this level you're able to read almost any Spanish books mentioned on this page.          We recommend you have a look at these pages: PROYECT GUTENBERG, Español e-books for free, LOYALS BOOKS, Many books

You can find literally everything, novels, tales, poetry...audiobooks and e-book downloads in a wide array of genres and languages.